Beginner’s Guide – How To Start Playing Video Games

The gaming industry has advanced so much; we now have highly – developed games which involve AI, VR, and AR. People tend to explore everything, and they are buying the devices which will match the existing technology. Many people never experienced playing video games, but they still want to learn. We have prepared a unique guide for the beginner, which will help you prepare for this challenging task. Many people think that they will not be good at playing video games, but actually, they are wrong. Try to answer these questions in order to perform a proper assessment.

Why should I play video games?

People would say that playing video games is a massive waste of time; you don’t have anything useful to learn, and in some cases, they provoke violence with kids.


On the other hand, we live in a stressful world, and we need to find something that will keep our attention and help us overcome everyday challenges. You don’t necessarily have to choose video games; you can select some other hobbies. But the advantage of video games, you can enjoy them at the convenience of your home.

What do I need?

If you already have smartphone or tablet, then you are in an excellent position. You have a variety of games to choose on Apple Store and Google Play. The latest devices have powerful processors, large displays and vast app store which can match modern games.


Now the gaming market is producing games which have great design and storyline. But, mobile games still can’t compare to the games which are used on consoles and computers. For this, you will need a serious equipment, such as desktop and PCs, but this is only recommended for advanced users only.

Where should I buy games?

All you have to do is to visit some of the online app stores that are supported by your device and download them. If you have Windows phone, you will go to Windows Store, for Android and Apple, you should visit Google Play and Apple Store. You should be aware that games on a smartphone aren’t demanding and they are easy to handle.


On the other hand. If you want to play games on a PC or MAC, you should sign up with some website which is trustworthy and reliable. Most of the games aren’t free, and you need to purchase them. You can also try marvel puzzle quest.


For boxed games, supermarkets, major online stores, and Amazon can offer you great deals, and they will provide you the lowest prices on all big titles. PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii have their online stores, and from time to time they have discounts and sales. Depending on your device, you can choose various games on the market. When you are preparing to buy a new game, you should follow several websites and decide which one will provide you the lowest price.

On the other hand, you can always look for free games online or ask some friends.


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